Saturday, May 15, 2010

Will everything come to a head at the waterfall?

I know not everyone is a believer in my theory but almost every major theme in Lost can be found in Doctor Who. I read the spoiler for next week and if it’s true about the waterfall then let me be the first to tell you that the waterfall in Doctor Who ended up being the waterfall that fed the Chaos Pool. The Chaos Pool is the final story for the Key to Time (audio book) series.

Also note that if you read my blog entitled: “Why is Jack always staring at mirrors?” it can be noted that these two events are tied together in the Chaos Pool story. The individual who was not who they were supposed to be, or in disguise, was in fact the person that made the decision that led to everything (i.e. the Universe) being saved.

Excerpt from the Chaos Pool:

Pargrave, Astra and Lydall arrive at a set of huge doors. Fortunately, they’re slightly ajar and it’s possible to slip inside. They find hundreds of people standing in an ante-chamber before a woman with a face like a mask. There’s a waterfall with the water pouring straight into a large pool below, but although it gives off a reflection, there‘s no sign of any splashing as the water hits it. The woman looks over to them and calls for President Astra to join them. Lydall is surprised that the people know who they are, but both Astra and Pargrave seem only too pleased to be invited inside. As Pargrave looks down into the Chaos Pool in awe, the woman welcomes them and asks the third member of their party to come out of hiding. He nervously joins the others, but the woman suddenly demands to know who he is. As Pargrave snatches the satchel from him, Lydall pleads with Astra to leave with him, but she too insists that he hands over the segments. The woman tells him there are over a thousand freedom fighters here and says he has no choice, but Lydall challenges them and notes with some surprise that the crowd cowers away from him. He realizes that they’re scared of whatever he’s carrying in the satchel, so using it as a form of protection, he turns and flees from the ante-chamber. Pargrave volunteers to go after him, but the woman tells him their true master is due to arrive here shortly.

Watch to see if the waterfall area plays into Lost this week.

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