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Paintings in Widmore’s Office – Are they hidden messages

Have you guys noticed that the paintings in Charles Widmore's office seem to change to what he is waiting for or what he wants to bring about in a sense. Go with me on this. In the "flashes before your eyes" episode when Desmond goes to see Widmore there is a painting of a polar bear and a man in his office and the name of the painting is Namaste. Namaste means "I bow to you." We know that a polar bear was found at Charlottes dig in the Tunisian Desert. We also know that this is one exit point (there could be others and possibly are) when you are transported off the island using the donkey wheel in this case. We also know that Charles Widmore set up a post in the Tunisian Desert and waited for Locke's exit. He then assisted Locke in going through with his plans.

In the FS we see a painting of a balanced scale. Is this a clue to Widmore that things are out of balance on the island and that he needs to assist in bringing balance back to the island? We know that the sides are not balanced anymore with Jacobs body missing and all and just his consciousness running around. Is this Widmore's plan to just bring about the status quo of the island being in balance? Does he simply receive instructions through the art in his painting and this is how he knows what the island needs from him at any particular time.

It would seem to me anyway that the side not in power is the one sending these messages. Jacob was in power it seems when the painting was a bear. Thus Widmore's assistance was almost to assist with the loophole. This brought about in my eyes Jacobs destruction. Now with Jacob's body missing the pendulum has swung to the MIB being in power. Now it seems that Jacob relays the message via the painting that he needs help. Widmore arrives now it seems to stop/kill the MIB and thus putting both sides again in a balanced state again.

If I had to put them in context to my theory it would go like this. The dominant side is in charge in my computer/entity example. MIB is now in charge personality wise but Jacob is able to use a computer hacker backdoor that the dominant personality is unaware of to send information back to Widmore and possibly others for help. Is this also what we saw in the cabin when we saw the man sitting in the chair and when he said the words “help me?”

Also you guys know what I think the magic box is: "THE TARDIS" Doctor Who's time machine.

Reply: I don't believe that either can be destroyed because they aren't real in that sense (strictly my interpretation). I look at it more like a computer game when you die only they lose some of the abilities that they had and it's like a reset. You have to go and gather the things you once had. If you were Ben wouldn't you question Jacob's body being consumed so fast? Either he died or he didn't. We saw him bleed but why would his body be consumed so fast by the fire?

In the Doctor Who stories his body goes missing as it were. Fades in and out of existences during times of regeneration and then comes back as a new person altogether. This would be like what Jacob told the MIB: if you kill me someone else will just take my place. The one that takes the Doctor's place is still the Doctor with all his memories intact. They take on new physical attributes and little quirks but essentially it is the same person. Sorry about the misunderstanding. I've been watching this show for over 30 years and I sometimes forget that not everyone shares my enthusiasm for it.

Reply: I forgot to address your question about the magic box. Just something that I threw in. From the outside looking in the Doctor's TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space) seems to be magical. It can transport the occupant to any place and time of his/her choosing. If such a device did exist it would almost be described as magic from one who didn't have a concept of its principles. When Desmond entered into this wood structure (the TARDIS from it outside appearance appears to be made of wood) he too was transported to another time and place. Just my interpretation of the similarities of the two devices that's all.

Reply: Defdean343 I concede that point to you about the Magic box and the TARDIS. That however wasn't the main point of the post. The painting themselves are what I was referring to. The only reason I brought up the magic box was because of the post The Electromagnetic Machine by ElaineDraper2.

What is this electromagnetic machine? And what was it used for in the past? They said that it hadn't been used for 30 years, so what did they use it for then? Surely not just for experimenting with rabbits, it's such a big thing. Maybe it was used on someone else in the past, someone who broke the rules? Maybe it's the Magic Box that Ben spoke of. He said there is a box on this island that can give you anything that you want! In the other reality Locke is getting married to his lady love-Sun is pregnant-Hurley is lucky-Desmond has Charles Widmore's respect, etc. See where I'm going with this?Any thoughts?

I was in the process of replying to her post when the idea of the paintings came to me. I then cut and pasted my idea into this post and forgot to remove the part about the Magic Box.

Reply: No everything you said about the Lost lore concerning Jacob and his death are true and I had the same discussion with Friends when it happened and discussing how he had to be dead as Miles interpretation of the ashes. I however wanted to know what you guys thought of the paintings. I guess I should start reading over my posts before I post them.

Reply: I wouldn't quite put them in the realm of being inter-dimensional either. I just think everything is just a false projection being setup like in the Face of Evil. The computer generated a wall that wasn't there. From all outward appearance it was a wall but the Doctor figured it out to be an illusion that was really a transportation device that transported them to where the Tesh lived. The same type illusion was to be setup by the Tesh in order to lead the Sevateem into a trap. They were going to place a projection of a wall within their facility and when the Sevateem came down the corridor they would not see them point disrupter gun at them to kill them off. I am simply thinking along the lines of what you think you see you really aren't seeing the truth that is really before your eyes. Hence that is the reason that so many ghost are all over the island. Things that shouldn't logically be on the island just seem to appear.

Reply: I know exactly what you mean. But let me ask you something that is totally hypothetical. If you saw what you believed to be a UFO, Bigfoot, the Lockness monster etc would you not speak of it just because the majority of those around you don't also believe? Or would you tell your story in an environment where others may have an open mind to some if not all of your ideas. There is a saying: He, who does not live according to his beliefs, does not believe. I simply believe that the stories are too similar to be coincidence. I'm actually re-watching the episodes in between doing other things around the house and have been posting as I see the similarities right now.

Only speaking for myself I would just watch the shows and call the individual out if I thought that what he was saying was untrue. Every reference that someone uses in a post or reference in the show that I don’t know about I look up if I haven’t heard it or seen it for myself. Even if I just look up a summary of the event in question on the internet. I guess when it comes down to it we are all a little bit from Missouri the “Show Me” state myself included.

Reply: I just had another thought about Namaste. It means I bow to you as I mentioned before. I just watched a scene where Jabel the leader of the Tesh in the Face of Evil was bowing to the Doctor and the Doctor asked what he was doing. He then responded with “I do you honor, Lord of Time.”

Also a temple by it very definition fits my theory as I see it:

A temple (from the Latin word templum) is a structure reserved for religious or spiritual activities, such as prayer and sacrifice, or analogous rites.

The temple used by the others in Lost. The Tesh and Sevateem both had so-called temples to Xoanan. I know I will never convince 99% of my theory but really I’m not trying to. I’m just posting my findings and to me that is the fun part of it. I have been finding new stuff all day from just re-watching the episode. I know out of that 99% another 50% would probably still think me crazy if they ended the series with the Doctor Who theme music playing in the background. I only ask that no one take offense to my post because I am nothing if not persistent.

I like the jpg. I don't know what you want from me however. Do I stop making the case for my theory just because no one else believes? If that were the case we would still be living in caves. There’s a quote that goes like this:

At every crossroads on the path that leads to the future, tradition has placed 10,000 men to guard the past - Maurice Maeterlinck.

New ways of doing things always take time because people are comfortable with the status quo. New ideas are blocked because people for the most part don't like change. The same with new ideas. Just because a person’s idea differs is not a reason to stand in the way of it. Besides this will all be over in a few weeks and we will all know the truth. Whatever that truth is the journey is what made it worth the trip. Two people go on the same vacation from the same place but when they both get back they describe it in how they saw it. Who's right and who's wrong. Neither. So far in this journey I've seen things quite differently than most but that's life. Sit back and enjoy the rest of the trip.

Reply: What would be more exciting watching a remake of Star Wars which is an outstanding movie or watching a remake of a 30 year old equally outstanding movie that most no one has even heard of or remembers. The latter because if it is a "who done it" the plot is already revealed in the first instance. Besides most of my posts may get a look over and hardly a response anyway with the exception of a few like this where I make most of the entries anyway. It's like a journal to me which I choose to share with anyone who cares to read it. Nothing more nothing less.

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