Saturday, May 15, 2010

Start and end of loophole?

I believe that the rules didn't apply to Jacob outside of the temple. Inside of the temple was a different thing altogether. That is why he made a point say to Richard when he asked what was inside the temple no one comes in unless I invite them. I also believe that the MIB when he first encountered Richard while he was praying and thinking that he was going to die saw something in Richard that he could use. He saw the beginnings of the loophole that he had always needed in order to finally kill Jacob. He sent Richard to Jacob but I can't figure out how he knew what Richard was going to say to Jacob in order for him to be offered the job of Jacob's representative. Somehow I believe he also knew that Ben would be the leader and also that Ben would not be given respect from Jacob in Ben’s opinion and that Locke would end of replacing him. So with Ben killing Locke and MIB becoming Locke and now in the position of leader himself he was able to dictate to Richard that he wanted to see Jacob. He then proceeds to lead Ben into Smokey's temple where he tells Ben via Alex that he had to listen to whatever Locke told him to do. Flocke (Fake Locke) tells Ben he is going to kill Jacob and not him. He takes Ben into the chamber with him after Richard partially opens the door to the temple thus being invited in via Jacobs’s representative which turns out to be Jacob's mistake and he gets killed. Did he know this was going to happen I don't know but it seems as if the MIB did? Thus why he told Jacob you don't know what I had to do to get here after Jacob tells him I guess you found your loophole. Does the rest of the loophole involve Flocke getting the remaining candidates to agree to leave the island or is that something new altogether?

You didn't get what I said. Say if MIB took on the identity of Locke without Jacob having a representative (i.e. Richard) who would have let Flocke into the temple. Jacob knew who he was right away so he wouldn't have done it. I'm saying all these things had to be in order for it work the way it did. If Ben hadn't been mistreated in his mind he wouldn't have been in a position to be jealous of Locke in the first place and thus may have never been in a position to kill both Locke and Jacob. If Smokey truly killed all the officers on the Black Rock on his own then why would he spare Richard? I'm just theorizing that he needed him for something and I'm saying it was the loophole.

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