Saturday, May 22, 2010

Things don’t look to end well for Sawyer

I don’t think that Sawyer will survive in the flash sideways. I say this because of what Juliette and Hurley said during the show. First remember what Juliette said to Sawyer when she was dying. I believe that when she was dying she was speaking about events that were to happen on the other side. They both meet up at the concert and they both get their memories back concerning the island. She said that “We should get coffee sometime. We can go dutch.”

Before I get to the rest of what she said lets move on to what Hurley said. He and Hurley were having a conversation about them double crossing the MIB and taking off with the boat. I’ll pick up the conversation here:

Hurley: What about Sayid?

Sawyer: Sayid ain’t invited. He’s gone over to the Dark Side.

Hurley: Yeah but you can always bring people back from the Dark Side. I mean, Anakin.

Sawyer: How the hell’s Anakin?

Now back to what Juliette wanted to tell Sawyer but she died and it was relayed through Miles. She concludes her conversation through Miles when she said “It worked.” Why would she have to tell him that if he survived? That seems like something you tell someone when they won’t be around to hear it later. When you combine that with the Anakin comment from Hurley it seems to spell out doom for Sawyer. Any Star Wars fan knows what happened to Anakin/Darth Vader at the end, HE DIED. Only to be around in spirit. Could that somehow translate into him being part of the island for eternity?

His counterpart on Doctor Who Unstoffe was shot in the shoulder while he was with Garron his partner in crime. I equate Unstoffe with Sawyer and Garron with Anthony Cooper. Unstoffe was shot after Binro tried to save him. Unstoffe then challenged the Graf Vanda-K and was shot. He survived however but it’s like what K-9 said:

K-9: Optimism. Belief that everything will work out well. Irrational, bordering on insane.

This is Lost and not Doctor Who so death comes with the territory. I go back to what Charlotte said about the island, “This place is death.” Everyone seems to be making amends for things they did on the island. What did Sawyer do on the island and what has he been trying to do in every reality that we see him in. Kill Anthony Cooper. He actually strangled Anthony Cooper on the island. So in the flash sideways will he give up his life for the man he has sought to kill almost his entire life? Like I said things don’t look so good for Sawyer. I only thought about this after I made the last Star Wars comment in my last post.

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  1. Never thought about it until now but where is Hurley's insight about Sawyer coming from? Why is he referring to him as Anakin? That would then make Hurley Obi-Wan Kenobi!!!