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A Gathering of Forces

Is this the gathering? Flocke said “Your were only able to come back to this island because you all did it together. If we’re going to get on that plane and leave it has to happen the same way.” So in other words Flocke needs all the candidates to get together to carry out his plans whatever they may be. If you look at it from the opposite perspective Desmond is doing the same thing. He spoke to George about getting him the manifest. To me the manifest represents the same thing that the cave wall represents on the island. Desmond is looking through it and weeding out everyone that isn’t essential to his plan. He is now in the process of trying to get everyone that is essential to his plans to see the truth about their other lives.

Remember when he met up with Hurley when he was buying chicken. Towards the end of their conversation you heard the guy at the counter say #42. Desmond then responds with “That’s me brother.” Could this be an indication that maybe Sun will actually die in this reality? The #4 candidate Locke died and the MIB was able to take his place. Could somehow #42 (Kwon) die and Desmond take her place in this reality in order to carry out his plans? Her name may not be Kwon in this reality but does amnesia absolve a marriage?

I still think that somehow since Desmond is the only one that can withstand the Electromagnetic energy on the island that somehow he will on the island render the MIB/Flocke unconscious or subdue him and maybe carry him into a pocket of this energy on the island and the MIB will be able to answer the question that may be eluding himself. “Who am I?”

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I also wanted to add the both Flocke and Desmond both seemingly tried to kill each other. I really don't think so in Desmond’s case as it appears that he is only trying to awaken him to the truth that they had previous lives on the island. So they appear to be doing exactly the same thing in the different realities as it were.

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Again did you read what I was saying? I didn't say Desmond was a candidate. I said he was mirroring what Flocke was doing. Locke was a candidate and the MIB stepped into his role thus taking his place. This most likely removes him as a candidate but we don't know the rules fully. We only know what we have been told and mostly from Jacob who I believe is one in the same with the MIB anyway (just my opinion because nobody has seen the two together with the exception of Ben when he killed Jacob). But as I say it wasn't the MIB that we know of. My theory is that they are some sort of insane computer/entity and the flash sideways are just projections of that entity to the players in the game (no proof just my opinion). But to get back to my point if Sun or Jin (whomever is the true candidate) were to die then Desmond could be free to accept her position within the Game (again neither you or I know all the rules). Plus we know that Sun was shot and Jin is most likely taking her the hospital. The MIB had the ability to take on other forms so I believe when he took the place of Locke (a candidate) in the game he was stuck in that position. Plus he needed the body in order to complete the loophole as the leader of the others to trick Ben and Richard. Richard opened the door and Ben finished the job.
We saw that Desmond in a sense say that he was in fact #42 (after finishing up his conversation with Hurley after ordering his food) which was the number on the cave wall for Kwon. Desmond then takes that position as a substitute awakens everybody (the candidates) to the truth which he is doing. Once they all agree Desmond is then in the same position that MIB would be in on the other side. I think another telling moment is when Zoe told Jin to check the island charts that apparently he signed off on concerning the Electromagnetic energy pockets. We know that Desmond is trapped in a well that according to Flocke was a spot of one of these pockets of energy. He may be able to use this energy to defend himself in what seems to be an attempt (the way it looks in the previews) to thwart Sayid from killing him (just a guess).

I say that like everyone in the FS (they have been blinded to the truth concerning what is really going on) the MIB has been around for so long and has been traumatized in some way that he has developed a split personality (Jacob and himself). Have you noticed that only Jacob has been shown eating anything? The first time we see him he is on the beach cooking a fish. He asks the MIB if he wants any and he responds with he has eaten already. The next time we see him with Richard and he has caught a pig and Richard is feasting while the MIB is just observing him. When Richard goes to see Jacob after the conflict Jacob offers him a drink and they both drink. The closet thing we have seen to the MIB consuming anything is when he had taken over the persona of Locke and Sawyer offers him a drink. He puts his finger in the glass and taste the drink that way and then just puts it aside. Almost like it was a new sensation to him. I also think that the boy may be Jacob as the MIB remembers himself from childhood. Back then maybe Jacob was dominant still and he doesn’t wanted to be reminded of Jacob in the least because as far as he is concerned he is the one who held his side of the personality at bay (id versus ego). For some reason the candidates are special as is Desmond because clearly Sawyer and Desmond were both able to see the boy. Did you also notice how surprised Flocke was when Sawyer first mentioned being able to see the kid?

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