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I believe I now know the MIB’s name

First a little bit about last’s night episode “Across The Sea.” First of all the reflection that Claudia saw in the water as she was drinking didn’t quite seem right. Is she also some sort of smoke monster only white? I watched it a few times and I don’t know. When she and the MIB were sitting on the beach and he asked her “What’s dead?” She then responds with “Something you’ll never have to worry about.” Is this her way of preparing him for what is to come? She also tells the MIB that he is “special.”

She told both of the boys as they were blindfolded and taking them to the light or island energy two things that are key to the story of Lost. One she said “They come, fight, they destroy, they corrupt and it always ends the same.” This is the quote that has both boys at odds as they grew older. Jacob who is trying to prove this wrong and the MIB, who even though he infers this woman who raised them both insane, believes it to be the truth. With this she shaped everything that has come to be to the present time. Two she told them “I’ve made it so that you can never hurt each other.” Did this occur when she had brought Claudia back to her cave and gave her the drink? Was this the preparation to ready the baby to be able to take her place? When two children were born did the elixir prevent them from harming one another?

Is the light or energy force hidden within the island as the island is hidden from the world? To get to the island you have to know where it is or be brought there. She intentionally blind folded them both so that they would know how to get to it on their own. This is made clear after the MIB is in the well and he tells her he has searched for 30 years to find the light that is emanating from what appears to be a waterfall. We didn’t see it yet but it was described as such when she told them both “Just promise that no matter what you do you won’t ever go down there.” Jacob was told after he asked “Would I do” and she responded with “You’d be worse than dying Jacob, much worse.” Does this maybe hint at the fact that she herself has made the journey “down there” herself? We find out that the light is Life, Death and Rebirth. It’s the source, the heart of the island.

The MIB lay unconscious in the well. When he awakes he has been carried out and the well filled back in. The village where he stayed was being burned to the ground and all the people were dead. How could she do this on her own if she wasn’t something other than human? This is another reason I believe the reflection in the water to be that of a white smoke monster. We also find out that the bottle of wine with the cork combined with what looks like ritual prayer turned Jacob into what he is. She tells him “It’ll make you like me.” Did it seem to anyone else that their mother seemed grateful to be rid of the burden of guarding the island when she was stabbed by the MIB? Is this not the same calm that Jacob showed when Ben did the same thing? Again does this not look like the infinity loop coming full circle yet again only to maybe start all over again? Who will break the loop?

Ok to the topic at hand what I believe the MIB’s name to be. I believe that his name is key to the story in some way. I got the meanings of Jacobs name from the following website: http://www.thinkbabynames.com/meaning/1/Jacob. Jacob is pronounced JAY-kub. It is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is “he who supplants.” Supplant means to replace or step into the shoes of. Jack is also the French form of Jacob. So with that I believe the MIB’s name to be Fremont. It sounds odd but I believe it to be true. I got the meaning of Fremont from the same website: http://www.thinkbabynames.com/meaning/1/Fremont. Freemont is pronounced FREE-mont. It is of French and Old German origin and its meaning is “noble protector; protector of freedom.”

The reason I believe this to be true is because like I said before I know that the writers of Lost are taking great liberties with the Key to Time series. There happens to be a woman in “The Chaos Pool” who is referred to as both nameless and unnamed. Since characters in Doctor Who haven’t stayed the same sex between the two stories (i.e. Richard and Vivian Fay – both who don’t age and came to be where they are via prison ships). I am guessing that this is their attempt to assign yet another attribute to the MIB that was taken from Doctor Who: The Key to Time. Among others are the Megara – who are described as judge, jury and executioner – the Black Guardian – Djinn etc.

Excerpts from the Chaos Pool:

The recently revived freedom fighters, including President Astra and Captain Pargrave, are ordered by the nameless woman to defend the Chaos Pool and hold back the intruders, but it’s not long before they find themselves being overrun by the Teuthoidians. Zara pleads with the two Guardians to help and reluctantly they both agree to stop their supporters. In an instant, everyone else in the ante-chamber apart from Zara and Astra are frozen in time again. Zara suggests converting the castle back into the segment, but the White Guardian warns her that would destroy the Universe unless the other five segments are retrieved first. When she uses her Time Ring to go after Amy, the Black Guardian accuses her of breaking the rules, so he decides to revive his freedom fighters. In retaliation, the White Guardian revives the Teuthoidians…and the battle resumes!

[Is this describing the duties of the protector of the light/energy? I know that Jacob is the protector but is Smokey the muscle used to carry it out?]

While their respective troops ransack the castle, the two Guardians are casually engaged in a game of bridge with their partners, Astra and the unnamed woman. The game is a perfect example of the differences between the two and they both taunt each other, claiming their approach is the better.

[Is this a reference to the fact that Jacob and the MIB are just engaged in a game?]

Astra questions the unnamed woman about her identity and suggests that she prove to her master, the Black Guardian, that she’s free to choose a name for herself. The two Guardians are continuing their card game, aware that they can wait forever if they need to. The woman accuses Astra of being responsible for her people’s demise when she surrendered the essence of the sixth segment to Romana. Although Astra has lived for two centuries, the average life expectancy for people on Atrios is just 29 years. She reveals that Astra is drawing the life directly from the people around her and points out that despite all her efforts, she hasn’t been able to save a single person.

[Is this a reference to the fact that the MIB never was given a name? Will he or did he choose one for himself?]

The White Guardian summons Astra and orders her to bring him the Key, but she refuses. The Black Guardian orders the unnamed woman to do the same, but she announces that her name is Freedom and she is free of his control at last. The Doctor realizes that because the two Guardians are evenly matched, they both need the help of someone else in order to give them the edge.

[Will Smokey be able to break the control that the island has over him in the end?]

The Doctor congratulates the Grace on their impressive display of power. They reveal that they made Freedom to be their servant throughout eternity, but she no longer wishes that, so they offer the only freedom left to her. In a flash, she too disappears with a scream.

[Is this the reason why the guardian of the island was created? To be a servant to the island forever?]

Note: No matter what you think of my theory you have to be intrigued with all the similarities. The Chaos Pool story ended at the Chaos Pool itself which is described as being fed by a waterfall. The pool gives off a reflection but the water from the waterfall doesn’t cause any splashing as it hits the pool.

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