Saturday, May 15, 2010

Where the idea for placing Desmond in Electro-Magnetic Field came from

Merak tells the Doctor that everything metal is recycled for the ware effort. We then pan back to see the Marshall order Shapp to have K-9 recycled and they lure him onto a conveyer belt that leads to the furnace.

During the Marshalls first encounter with the Doctor he believed he and Romana were Zeon spies. Then when they meet again the Marshall has had a change of heart.

[This reminds me in a way the situation with Desmond and Widmore. When the two first come together Widmore treats Desmond like garbage. The next time we see them together when Widmore needs something from him he has a change of heart towards Desmond]

Marshall: I had forgotten.

Doctor: Forgotten?

Marshall: That you had been foretold. Your coming had been foretold.

Doctor: You had warning? Does that mean we were expected?

Marshall: It’s the war. This endless war occupies my thoughts to the exclusion of all else.

Doctor: Yes I understand how you feel Marshall.

Marshall: Now that you are here… You are the one!

Doctor: I am! Am I?!

Marshall: The one who will lead us to victory.

[This little exchange reminds me of the conversation that Widmore was having with Desmond after he was zapped with the Electro-Magnetic energy]

[K-9 is shown heading towards the furnace saying” overheating, overheating”]

[The Doctor tells the Marshall that he will help him]

Doctor: I’ll need K-9.

Marshall: K-9?

Doctor: Yes my computer. The one you thought was a weapon.

Marshall: Well Shapp?!

Shapp: It’s too late, sir. It’s on the way to the furnace.

Doctor: What furnace?

Shapp: Recycling. We recycle all scrap.

Doctor: Scrap?! Where is this furnace? Where is this furnace?

[Shapp points and you see the Doctor run in the same direction]

[We next see K-9 saying “closing down” He then reaches the end of the conveyer belt and you see him fall. We then see the Doctor crawling along the conveyer belt]

Marshall: [We see the Marshall pacing outside of the furnace door] Close down the furnace.

Shapp: I already have, sir.

Marshall: [In a lowered tone] The Doctor must not die! Not yet.

Shapp: It takes weeks to cool down, sir.

Marshall: The Doctor must not die!

Shapp: Nothing left but slang and clinker. I’m sorry sir.

Marshall: Sorry… SORRY?!

[The Marshall grabs at his neck almost like he is in agony and reveals a black object on his neck. We later learn that this is a control device used by the Shadow.]

[The Doctor emerges from the furnace carrying K-9]

Romana: Oh, K-9 are you alright?

K-9: Affirmative, Mistress.

Doctor: Warm for the time of the year. A little trick I picked up fro the fire walkers in Bali. They do it all the time. Come on, old boy.

Marshall: He’s not even singed.

[This reminds me of when one of Widmore’s men was trying to isolate the fault and another of his men turned the circuit breaker back on. The man inside the box died. They brought him out Widmore had them stop. He pulled back the sheet over the man and it showed that he was burned really badly also. When they put Desmond in the box and turned on the EM field and after it had been shut off they all came into the room and Desmond wasn’t burned in the least. I believe that this is where they got the idea for those particular interactions in Lost.]

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