Saturday, May 15, 2010

The island is in Hyperspace

The Doctor described Hyperspace as a "Theoretical Absurdity." His quote in the Key Of Time was this: "You know what they say about hyperspace. They say it's a theoretical absurdity. And that's something I've always wanted to be LOST in.

I believe the island to be in this type of hyperspace where it occupies the same space and time coordinates but exists within a different dimension.

In this episode of lost I see Desmond wearing a scarf with the same color scheme as what Tom Baker's Doctor who always wore.

I believe that both Widmore's and Eloise Hawking's words will come back at the finale of the series as a point of emphasis concerning Desmond.

Widmore: He takes out 2 glasses but only pours the whiskey into one of them. He then picks up the glass and drinks it. He then proceeds to tell Desmond that that swallow is more that he could make in a month and to share it with him would be a waste and a disgrace to the great man who made it because "you Hume will never be a great man"

Hawking: She just implied that the only thing great that Desmond would do was to press the button every 108 minutes in the hatch on the island.

I believe that the final scene before the screen goes black on Lost will show how a great a man Desmond truly has become. I say that he will become the NEW Jacob. I say NEW Jacob because I don't believe the Jacob on the island is truly a good man. I believe the MIB will turn out to be good force on the island. So maybe I should say he becomes the NEW MIB. It is a point of reference that Penny keeps referring to Desmond as a good man and the one that she chose.

I believe that he is on a journey right now setting things right. I believe that started with his interaction with Jack on the plane. I also believe that he will do this with each of the remaining players in the game both great and small.

The last scene however will show that he and Penny were meant to be together and show them and then the curtain falls on a truly wonderful adventure.

I know that many of you will just say that my theory about the two stories is a "theoretical absurdity." But I say to you "The show only ends once. Any theories that come before are just conjecture. “

I don't think I'm right 100% or even if they will end it in a similar fashion. I just made the comparisons so that if they do come out and acknowledge that they got some ideas from the show that someone else besides the writers have seen the similarities too. I truly hope that they come up with something that will blow all of our minds and have us talking for years to come about what a great show it has been.

I do think that we humans have to put things in a contextual point of view to something that we already know. Take for instance if you believe the theory that aliens have been visiting our planet for thousands of years. The individuals who may have seen said craft would have described them with words and things that they knew in their everyday lives whether it be superstition or fact.

I'm just describing Lost in terms of what I have seen based partially on my just re-watching the Key to Time episode at the beginning of season 6. Trust me I'm not trying to spoil the ending for anyone. Anyone who comes to these types of sites is true fans and wants to know what others think about the show. If anyone was truly worried about spoilers I think he/she would stay away from these sites. I only say this because with all the theories someone is bound to be partially right. Otherwise no one would post theories.

I don't know about you but I get the feeling of it being Christmas and you can't wait until the big day. You want it to hurry up and come but the anticipation is part of the excitement!

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