Saturday, May 15, 2010

Who's in charge Zoe or Widmore?

I still don’t know because she was the one who acted unilaterally when she grabbed Jin from Flocke’s camp. And when Widmore questioned her she said in the presence of Jin and others in the room I might add it went like this:

Widmore: What the hell were you thinking?

Zoe: I’m sorry, I know, I know we panicked.

Widmore: This was not supposed to happen for days. We had a timetable.

Zoe: See he was leaving the camp.

Widmore: Well you should have let him leave and taken him in the jungle.

Zoe: Well maybe you should have put a mercenary in charge instead of a geophysicist.

Widmore: Well what’s done is done. I need you to get the package from the submarine and take it to the infirmary. Can you do that for me please Zoe?

Zoe: (In a sarcastic tone) Yeah, sure.

Why was she acting as Desmond’s nurse in the first place? When Desmond regained consciousness after being zapped the electromagnetic energy there was another woman in the room who had as stethoscope who seemed to know what she was doing. Why wasn’t she attending Desmond when they got him from the sub and took him off the drugs to keep him sedated?

It just seems to me that she is making the decisions and using Widmore to deflect the blame from herself. Get everyone to hate Widmore when she is the one who is actually pulling the strings.

This is a follow-up to my Is Zoe Queen Xanxia blog.

I too think I am a logical person so what do you think about this one. The question is do you believe everyone when they say something catastrophic will occur if the MIB leaves the island? If you too answered yes then you have to believe that the Oceanic 6 never made it off the island. How could Christian, who we now know for sure was just the MIB in his guise, visit Jack in his apartment off the island? Jack hasn’t manifested the same abilities as Hurley in being able to see the dead. Hurley is a discussion best left to another thread. It all has to be just an elaborate simulation (computer or something similar) creating another reality for the individuals in question.

It appears that the memory wipe is easy enough because everyone in the FS at one point wasn’t aware of the truth. But it also seems that these people are also all drawn together like a moth to a flame. Once the connections are made it seems that whatever mechanism at work to hide the truth becomes undone. Maybe it’s like what Flocke said “But because Jacob chose you. You were trapped on this island before you even got here.” This seems to apply to everyone.

Remember the conversation between Locke and Walt when Locke came back to convince the others to return to the island. Locke and Walt see each other and Locke waives and Walt crosses the street. They shake hands and the following conversation takes place.

Locke: You don’t seem surprised to see me.

Walt: I’ve been having dreams about you. You were on the island, wearing a suit and there were people all around you. They wanted to hurt you John

Locke: Good thing they’re just dreams.

So it seems that Walt was just dreaming about things that were to come. This to me sounds like when Illana and crew got to the island and the MIB took on the guise of Locke. Everyone was questioning who he was as no one had remembered seeing him on the plane. They seemed as though they wanted to hurt him because they couldn’t understand who he was or where he came from. Walt seeing this didn’t know that it wasn’t Locke but Flocke. He saw the imagery but not the context. It just appears that resets keep getting made scenery changes but it’s just still the same game.

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