Saturday, May 15, 2010

Season 6 – Dr. Linus Observations

As I was watching this episode what got my attention the most was “the writing on the wall.” If you noticed when the Principal and Ben were walking outside of Ben’s classroom discussing Ben’s detention duty the words “United We Stand” and “Divided We Fall” painted on the school as a mural. I believe this is a hint of things to come. The candidates are going to have to come together or suffer the consequences of being defeated by the true enemy. I relate this to my theory that the writers have gotten a great deal of inspiration from Doctor Who – The Key To Time. Before the final conclusion of the show the Doctor and his companions are being sent in two different directions. The Doctor aware that the Shadow is watching his every move declares “Ah, I see what you are at. Splitting us up, divide and conquer, it that it? I believe the candidates will come together like the segments of the Key To Time in order for the flash sideways to come to fruition, which I believe to be the continuation to the characters journey without the continued island influence.

This week’s episode to me shows the pendulum swinging back again to indicate that Jacob may indeed be the good guy but I still don’t buy it. I guess we will have to wait and see. The island or the force that drives the island seems to be relentless as shown in the fact that Lapidus couldn’t escape his part in the final battle. He was supposed to be on the original Oceanic Flight 815 but overslept.


- If Jacob was/is a man is he also like Richard in the fact that he doesn’t age? We have no indication that he has lived for hundreds of years like Richard. He could simply be a time traveler who shows up from time to time and only appear ageless. Maybe that is why the protector of the island needs a protector. The same could be said for the MIB.

- What gifts or curse, as Richard put it, did the rest of the candidates receive? I don’t believe that they all received longevity of life as Richard did. I go back to Apollo candy bar that Jack was trying to get from the vending machine when it got stuck. Jacob retrieved the candy and gave it to Jack touching him in the process. Apollo has been variously recognized as a god of light and the sun; truth and prophecy; archery; medicine and healing; music, poetry, and the arts; and more. Did his skills as a healer get enhanced because of Jacobs touch?

- Has Jack finally become a man of faith and will finally accept that he has a purpose for being on the island. Will this sense of purpose finally allow him to be fixed as he himself indicated that he came back to the island because he felt he was broken and thought that the island could fix him? Physician heal thyself.

- Are all candidates not allowed to harm themselves? Richard told us that he couldn’t harm himself but that someone else could that is why he wanted Jack to light the fuse. Since Jack didn’t leave and couldn’t harm himself is that the reason why the fuse fizzed at the last minute? Remember when a similar situation occurred early on when Locke and Boone were out and they found the plane. Locke was going to climb the tree where the plane was lodged but for some unexplained reason his legs stopped working. Boone made the climb and the plane crashed to the ground with him in it eventually he died of the injuries that he sustained. Lockes legs started working after the plane came crashing down. The island protected Locke from dying by making him not being able to walk and thus saving his life.

- Were both Jacob and the MIB being the players of the game also not allowed to harm the candidates of the game no matter what side they are on? It seems to me that once your part in the game is over and you have fulfilled your purpose that the protection doesn’t apply any longer and you are then susceptible to death in the game. This to me is evident in the death of Michael and Locke himself. I think all players are being manipulated with both Jacob and the MIB taking turns making their moves in the game. Is this also the reason why the boy that Flocke was chasing in the jungle reminded him that He couldn’t kill Sawyer, telling him that he knew the rules?

- If Flocke is going to the Hydra station and we presume Charles Widmore is also would that suggest that Widmore is on Flocke’s side? If this were the case why didn’t Widmore end the game by giving the MIB what he wanted (to go home) years ago when he ran the island? Was he under some other influence then? This will puzzle me for awhile or at most 9 more episodes.

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