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Does Doctor Who suggest that Aaron may be the one who saves them all?

Excerpts from The Judgement of Isskar

He suddenly realises he’s not alone and greets a beautiful young woman who appears from nowhere.

[Does this describe the boy who just appears from nowhere?]

The woman seems quite naïve about the dangers she’s likely to face and she admits that she’s only four minutes old. She tells him the Grace didn’t want to involve him as they find him dangerous and unpredictable, but that‘s precisely why she thinks he’ll be useful.

[Since island time isn’t the same could it be that Aaron was just born and like the woman is growing at an astonishing rate?]

As they head for the TARDIS, the Doctor asks if she has a name. She says she doesn’t so he decides to help her choose one. He starts with the letter A and tells her to stop him when she hears one she likes…

Instead of setting co-ordinates, the woman takes control of the TARDIS. The Doctor continues listing names and by the time the ship materialises at its destination, he’s reached ’Amy’. The woman thinks the landscape they’ve arrived at is amazing, but the Doctor mistakes her reaction and thinks she’s settled on that name.

[Will Desmond who I believe is the Doctor character help the boy decide upon a name?]

The man pulls out a gun and holds it at Amy’s head, but to everyone’s surprise the woman laughs when she hears Amy’s name and it becomes clear the two women know each other. The man refers to them as sisters due to their strong resemblance (and the fact that they‘re both carrying identical satchels) and the Doctor realises they must be after the other three segments of the Key to Time.

[I wouldn’t know who the second sister, Zara who the Doctor also helps to name, is of this story. But when we see the boy the second time he looks like the first but somewhat different. I don’t know if they will go in this direction however and have 2 different boys. For right now I will just say he is aging really fast like our character in this story.]

Excerpts from The Chaos Pool:

Suddenly the Grace appear, manifested inside the Key itself. They declare that neither of the Guardians should have the Key and they banish them both back into the howling void so they can resume their eternal struggle.

The Doctor congratulates the Grace on their impressive display of power. They reveal that they made Freedom to be their servant throughout eternity, but she no longer wishes that, so they offer the only freedom left to her. In a flash, she too disappears with a scream. The Doctor is furious, but the Grace ignore him and order the two Tracers to release the Key to Time and surrender it to them. The Doctor points out that Amy and Zara aren’t Tracers any more, but human beings with all the strengths, weaknesses, foibles and marvels that come with that. The Grace laugh and say the women have no choice but to do as they demand.

The Doctor asks Amy if she trusts him and when she says she does, he tells her to let go of the Key. Then he tells Zara she has the choice of either surrendering the Key to the Grace or giving it to him. The Grace threaten to crush the Doctor, but he knows that they’ve manifested themselves inside the Key and they can’t leave it until everyone has let go. Zara asks Amy what she should do, but Amy insists that she makes the choice herself. Zara is angry that the Grace refuse to address her by her name, so she hands the Key to the Doctor, then he turns and jumps straight into the Chaos Pool. There’s a flash and everyone peers over the edge to see that the Pool has turned into a dark chasm full of jagged rocks. Moments later, the Doctor calls up to his friends and asks for their help getting him out.

The Doctor admits that he had no idea there was a ledge just beneath the surface of the Pool. All he knew was that it would disintegrate the Key and disperse the Grace throughout eternity. Everyone who was trapped in the castle segment will be returned home, including Pargrave. He hands the Time Ring back to Zara and invites her to join the man she loves back on Atrios. She’s surprised that he’s willing to let her go after everything she’s done, but he reminds her she was also brave and compassionate. He tells her nobody is perfect and that’s what separates real people like her from artificial lifeforms. The Doctor took a risk giving her the choice, but if he’d compelled her then he’d have been no better than the Grace. He risked everything on his faith that Zara was really a good person. Zara begins to cry. She invites Amy to come with her, but Amy says she has other plans. Zara thanks the Doctor and says goodbye to everyone, then she operates the Time Ring and heads for Atrios.

[It was Zara the other being created and who was the one that saved the day. The one who was able to make the choice without having to be told what was right. It was the Doctor however who was instrumental in getting everyone where they were supposed to be in order for it to work. Is this what Desmond is doing right now, getting everyone to where they are supposed to be?]

I’m not saying that everything matches 100 percent but you don’t have to be a genius to see that these events are similar and when put together with the mounting stack of other similarities that I have found you would have to be pretty gullible to believe that this is still a coincidence.

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